Venere Ferraro

Eum Design Connects, 17-23 October, Gwangju, Korea.

Product Experience and Well-Being: An Interactive Interpreter for Diabetic Children

In this paper a case study of a device for diabetic children is analyzed. It concerns a new interactive product system able to make children independent in the disease’s management and to meet the parents’ needs to be updated on their child’s health condition. Author tried to understand how a product experience should be in the field of well-being and then set how to design that product thanks to a methodology based on user-oriented approach, emotional design and interaction design. Author found that designing for the field of well-being requires a design approach that allows for designers to understand: (i) the user the product is designed for, (ii) the context in which the product is used, (iii) which aesthetic features the product should have (iv) how the product should interact with the user and then (v) to evaluate the results on the user himself.