Margherita Pillan, Sara Colombo, Laura Varisco

in collaboration with TIM S.p.A Service Innovation

The project deals with home automation as a broadly discussed topic that offers various solutions from integrated systems to single solutions to facilitate the management and the interaction with the increasing number of appliances. We started on reasoning around the real utility of home automation offer in the current technological world. Home automation is not seen as something that “do thing in your place” because the potentialities of the digitalization of processes and the integration of automated processes are very broad. Is so necessary to analyze human processes, methods and behaviors within the home environment so to create an intelligent ambient that aims to simplify and enrich processes instead of the mere substitution of the human in the environment.

The goal of the project is to realize a control system for appliances and connected devices at home. The process is the results of technology driven design that consider the user experience as the central element for the interaction with the home. The developed solution considers the point of view of the user in interacting with the system trying to highlight the potentialities of the technology and the interfaces. To design the system we re-organized the system’s storytelling through a representation (system map) that synthesizes the system’s components and how the user interacts with these components: Direct control of the Smart Home functionalities; Programming of the Home Automation; Monitoring the Smart Home; Getting data through the home environment; Direct control of Smart Home functionalities.