Designing for Ambient UX

Design Tools for Managing User Experience Within Systems of Ambient Intelligence


Milica Pavlovic

The research aims to contribute to the field of User Interaction and Experience Design, by providing a design methodology and toolset to be applied within the emerging projects for systems of Ambient Intelligence (AmI).

Personal Interaction Design

Introducing the discussion on the consequences of the use of personal information in the design process


Laura Varisco

In a context where the development of data-based technologies and systems opens new domain for the design of interactive and responsive solutions, the management of personal information has become a significant issue. It’s a critical task for both the user’s management, and the designed system’s one.

Designing Services Toward Intercultural Dialogues

Exploring the potentials of value in cultural diversity within UX approach in multi-cultural contexts


Shushu He

In the age of globalization, different ethnic cultures spread in the migratory flows and coexisting with cultural conflicts. Italy as one of the host countries has a considerable population of migrants, and Milan as one of the most significant cities that hosts the largest number of Chinese diaspora.

The research of user experience and interaction design methodologies for connected objects in Chinese design education


Yichen Wu

Meet Me in Play

Creative Processes and Expressive Techniques in Playful Multimedia


Annamaria Andrea Vitali

The goal of this dissertation is to investigate the design processes governing the creation of interactive multimedia artifacts where interactivity, together with other design elements contributes significantly in engaging the audience through the interactive experience.