She is Assistant Professor of the Design Department and she teaches at the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, where she teaches “Design Methods and Tools for Product and Interaction Design” at the Master Degree in Design& Engineering and “Methods and Tools for Wearable Devices” at Master Degree in Design for Fashion System. She has been Visiting Researcher at University of New South Wales of Sydney (2006) and at Media Lab of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2009) where she run researches on Wearable Systems with the lens on design-driven and user-oriented approaches. She is Member of the Experience and Interaction Design Research Lab and of the Biodesign Lab. She participated at several International and National researches and she is currently Principal Investigator of the research project POD: Plurisensorial Device to prevent occupational disease, which has recently received funding from the European Union. (SAF€RA 2014 joint call) She’s author of several international publications, and she holds National Patents and models.

Research keywords

User Centred Design, Experience Design, Interaction Design.
Smart Devices and Sensors, Wearable Technologies, Design for subjective well-being.


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