Shushu holds bachelor’s and master’s degree in Industrial design from Jiangnan University. She studied product design (B.A.) and interaction design (M.A.) and has acquired both hard and soft skills of design. Currently, she is doing the PhD research in Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano. Her research interest is on Design for Experience and intercultural communication, and her research focus is investigating the service experience of the Chinese catering business in Milan. Her design works has won several awards such as Red Dot Award concept design and UXPA China and she has published several articles about interaction design and design for experience.

Her research aims to investigate the role of UX tools in design for multi-cultural environments so to outline some design strategies and feasibilities to improve the paradigms of the Chinese catering business in Milan which can contribute to the intercultural communication between different cultural groups. The research is composed of three main phases, context mapping, case study, and co-design, which take place in the methodological triangulation.

Research Keywords
Service Design; Design for Experience; value in diversity; intercultural dialogue



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