Margherita Pillan, Phd, is associate professor at the Department of Design of Politecnico di Milano and executive vice dean of the School of Design at Politecnico.

She teaches courses of Communication and Interaction Design, and leads project laboratories and workshops. Her expertise covers communication design, interaction design, service design, user centred design, design for social innovation, game design, wearable technologies, smart spaces, evaluation of experience for products and services.

She cooperates with Telecom Italia and with the JOL-Joint Open Lab at Politecnico, and is tutor of PhD students at the Design PhD School.  Her present research focuses smart spaces, internet of things and interactive systems based on innovative forms of interaction and experience. She is an expert of e-learning and ethnography for design.

Research Keywords

Interaction design, design for experience, service design, evaluation of experience, digital system design, design methods.


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