We design for experience by enabling meaningful and innovative interaction between people, products and context over time.

In the Interaction & Experience Design Research Lab we are interested in research-through-design project and experience evaluation. We design products, services and interactive multimedia artifacts that suggest future scenarios by making them real, tangible and testable. Being a research lab, we do it with a research attitude. We adopt a research-trough-design approach, starting every design process with a research question in mind and producing design outcomes aimed to answer it, envisioning unforeseen possibilities. Then, we are also interested in experience evaluation activities, through a multidisciplinary approach. While setting experimental methods based on designer’s expertise and sensibility, we conduct objective evaluation based on physiological parameters. We work on evaluating experiences with products, video and multimedia artworks with recent technologies.

Margherita Pillan, PhD

Associate Professor and Scientific Director

Margherita Pillan, Phd, is associate professor at the Department of Design of Politecnico di Milano and executive vice dean of the School of Design at Politecnico.
She teaches courses of Communication and Interaction Design, and leads project laboratories and workshops. Her expertise covers communication design, interaction design, service design, user centred design, design for social innovation, game design, wearable technologies, smart spaces, evaluation of experience for products and services.

She cooperates with Telecom Italia and with the JOL-Joint Open Lab at Politecnico, and is tutor of PhD students at the Design PhD School. Her present research focuses smart spaces, internet of things and interactive systems based on innovative forms of interaction and experience. She is an expert of e-learning and ethnography for design.

Interaction design, design for experience, service design, evaluation of experience, digital system design, design methods.

Lucia Rampino, PhD

Associate Professor

Lucia Rampino is an architect and PhD in Industrial Design. Her research interests, both theoretical and applied, concern the role of design in product-development processes whose objective is to innovate. Her recent attention has focused on the new opportunities that dynamic products offer for creating engaging user experience. She has published widely on these topics, in both Italian and English. Rampino has taken part in various national and European research projects and serves as reviewer for both Design Journals and International Conferences.
She is on the Design PhD faculty of Politecnico di Milano since 2009.

Research skills:
Design Driven Innovation, Design entrepreneurship. Design methods and theory, Research-Trough-Design. Tangible Interactions, Dynamic Products. Product Development. Design Education

Mauro Ceconello, PhD

Associate Professor

Architect and Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Design Department. He focused his research activity on tools and apps to enhance cultural heritage and tourism using mobile technology, serious games and interactive systems. He held courses about augmented reality and mobile experience at the School of Design and he’s Head of Design Labs System of the Design Department at Politecnico di Milano. He’s scientific coordinator of many research projects concerning valorization of culture through digital technologies and interaction tools.

Research skills:
Virtual reality, location based apps for CH, mobile technology.

Fiammetta Costa, PhD

Assistant Professor

Fiammetta Costa, architect and Ph.D in Industrial Design, is researcher at the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano. Principal areas of her research interests are environmental design and user research methods. She participated in several inter-university research programmes and coordinated research projects in collaboration with industrial companies. She is currently involved in different applied research projects and serves as assistant professor in the Design School of Politecnico di Milano since 2003.

Venere Ferraro, PhD

Assistant Professor

She is Assistant Professor of the Design Department and she teaches at the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, where she teaches “Design Methods and Tools for Product and Interaction Design” at the Master Degree in Design& Engineering and “Methods and Tools for Wearable Devices” at Master Degree in Design for Fashion System. She has been Visiting Researcher at University of New South Wales of Sydney (2006) and at Media Lab of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2009) where she run researches on Wearable Systems with the lens on design-driven and user-oriented approaches. She is Member of the Experience and Interaction Design Research Lab and of the Biodesign Lab. She participated at several International and National researches and she is currently Principal Investigator of the research project POD: Plurisensorial Device to prevent occupational disease, which has recently received funding from the European Union. (SAF€RA 2014 joint call) She’s author of several international publications, and she holds National Patents and models.

Research skills:
User Centred Design, Experience Design, Interaction Design.
Smart Devices and Sensors, Wearable Technologies, Design for subjective well-being.

Silvia Ferraris, PhD

Assistant Professor

Davide Spallazzo, PhD

Assistant Professor

Davide Spallazzo is Ph.D. in Design. He’s currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Design of Politecnico di Milano. His teaching activity is carried out in the field of Design both at Bachelor and Master level. His research focuses on design driven and technology supported actions to valorize cultural heritage sites and cities, with a particular focus on mobile technology and on tangible and embodied interaction. During his PhD he studied the employment of mobile devices and mobile gaming dynamics to enhance the cultural visits’ experience maximizing learning and social engagement. He’s been visiting at the Waag Society – Institute for art, science and technology of Amsterdam and took part to several research projects among which Mela* – European Museums in an age of migrations.

Research skills:
Digital heritage/humanities, Mobile technology, Mobile gaming, Design driven research, User-centered Design

Laura Varisco, PhD

Research Fellow

She is an Interaction and Experience design researcher focused on the use of personal information within interactive connected product, services and systems. She is interested in social aspects of human interaction with digital devices and she’s graduated in Communication Design. Her Phd research focused on social and ethical consequences related to the use of personal data and personal information in connected services. She aims to give awareness to designers who face with the collection, managing and communication of personal data in dematerialized interactions with IoT, omnipresence of sensors and integrated technologies in everyday environments.

Research skills:
Personal data, personal interaction design, experience design, interaction design, design process, user centered design, design tools