Venere Ferraro, Mila Stepanovic, Silvia Ferraris

In (ed.) Dr. Jesús Hamilton Ortiz “Wearable Technologies”, InTech Publishing.

Wearable technology as a tool to motivate health behaviour: A case study.

According to the Scientific Committee on Occupational Exposure Limits work-related exposures are estimated to account for about 15% of all adult respiratory diseases. Today the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is the only way for workers to prevent disease Nevertheless, its use is highly sparse. Currently, products and systems embedded with wearable technologies are able to protect, motivate and educate users. Author then suggested the development of a novel wearable system following the beliefs that wearable technology can be persuasive and elicit a conscious behaviour towards the use of the PPEs by consequently improving their health condition. Authors here describe the result of a Transnational Research Project named “P_O_D Plurisensorial Device to prevent Occupational Disease”. The text will describe the findings achieved so far, the research phase and the new wearable system conceived as a possible example of how to use wearable technology as a useful tool to influence behavioural change.