Designing Services Toward Intercultural Dialogues


Shushu He

In the age of globalization, different ethnic cultures spread in the migratory flows and coexisting with cultural conflicts. Italy as one of the host countries has a considerable population of migrants, and Milan as one of the most significant cities that hosts the largest number of Chinese diaspora. Cultural conflict is looming with the expanding Chinese migratory enclave that calls for the cross-cultural communication. Since Italian people relatively wider accept Chinese food, and food as a cultural symbol containing cultural identities, traditions, and customs can bring more communication opportunities, so that Chinese catering as a typical and traditional business of migrants can be a breakthrough point towards to the sustainable pluralistic society.
This research aims at fostering the intercultural dialogue between Chinese migrants and the host society by improving Chinese catering service in Milan. In particular, investigations should first be taken place in improving Chinese migratory community’s public image and enriching Italian hosts’ knowledge about Chinese migrants and Chinese culture, then to focus on how to bridge the cultural gaps in the case of Chinese catering service and scale the changes out from food culture related aspect to the other social aspects. The methodology will adopt ethnographic research for understanding and capturing the context of overseas Chinese in Italy, and participatory action research for the innovation of Chinese catering service and fostering the intercultural dialogue.