Designing for ambient UX


Milica Pavlovic

Phd Research supported by TIM S.p.A.

Design Tools for Managing User Experience Within Systems of Ambient Intelligence

The research aims to contribute to the field of User Interaction and Experience Design, by providing a design methodology and toolset to be applied within the emerging projects for systems of Ambient Intelligence (AmI). This is to say that the research has identified a necessity for expanding the current practices in the UX field by supporting them with the set of tools to be used as a backbone for structured design processes. The need derived from the nature of ongoing practices observed within the industries of interest, as well as the research streams in the academic field. Furthermore, meaningful contribution is targeted also towards the other fields that practice design of such systems, and these are Software Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Architecture, and others. The contribution of the research expands on diverse practiced Design sectors of nowadays and proposes a convergence of the same towards the approach of designing for experiences and user values. In this context, it is to state that the research aims for verifying and updating the tools to be used for envisioning and designing AmI systems, thus supporting the definition of Ambient UX practices. Potentially, the research will provide a base structure for developing a software to be employed in the practices, for supporting creation of a common language between all the parties and stakeholders involved in the design project.