We design for experience by enabling meaningful and innovative interaction between people, products and context over time.

In the Interaction & Experience Design Research Lab we are interested in research-through-design project and experience evaluation. We design products, services and interactive multimedia artifacts that suggest future scenarios by making them real, tangible and testable. Being a research lab, we do it with a research attitude. We adopt a research-trough-design approach, starting every design process with a research question in mind and producing design outcomes aimed to answer it, envisioning unforeseen possibilities. Then, we are also interested in experience evaluation activities, through a multidisciplinary approach. While setting experimental methods based on designer’s expertise and sensibility, we conduct objective evaluation based on physiological parameters. We work on evaluating experiences with products, video and multimedia artworks with recent technologies.

Margherita Pillan, PhD | Associate Professor and Scientific Director
| MARGHERITA PILLAN, PhD | Associate Professor and Scientific Director
Lucia Rampino, PhD | Associate Professor
| LUCIA RAMPINO, PhD | Associate Professor
Mauro Ceconello | Associate Professor
| MAURO CECONELLO | Associate Professor
Fiammetta Costa, PhD | Assistant Professor
| FIAMMETTA COSTA, PhD | Assistant Professor
Venere Ferraro, PhD | Assistant Professor
| VENERE FERRARO, PhD | Assistant Professor
Silvia Ferraris, PhD - Assistant Professor
| SILVIA FERRARIS, PhD | Assistant Professor
Davide Spallazzo, PhD | Assistant Professor
| DAVIDE SPALLAZZO, PhD | Assistant Professor
| LAURA VARISCO, PhD | Research Fellow
| MARCO AUREGGI | Research Fellow
| MARCO AUREGGI | Research Fellow
Shushu He | PhD Student
| SHUSHU HE | PhD Student
Yichen Wu | PhD Student
| YICHEN WU | PhD Student
Milica Pavlovic | PhD Student